Mortgage advice
Bank or independent mortgage advisor.
We can choose between 30 different mortgage lenders and insurance products so we check what suits you the best and we do not have to sell our own product. We can also combine products from different companies that get you the best offer.
Buy-to let mortgage loans
Contact us for all the options.
A buy-to-let mortgage loan is different from a regular mortgage loan, because you can borrow less money compared to the value of the property (around 70-75%). You can contact our office so we can explain all the options.
Insurance policies
Insurances for every situation.
We can arrange several different insurance policies, such as life insurance, home insurance, home contents insurance, liability insurance, legal expenses insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, invalidity insurance, and unemployment insurance, all based on your personal circumstances.
Buying assistance
Let us help you.
We can assist you in the buying process. We have a lot of contacts with estate agents, surveyors, building inspectors, civil-law notaries, and of course all the mortgage lenders, so we can ensure that the buying process goes smoothly for you.
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Fast, carefree and smooth assistance.

Looking for a house in your new hometown?

Feeling at home in your new country starts with having your own place. A comfortable house for you and your family. Wouldn’t that be nice? But how to find the perfect home? And if you do find one, are you going to rent or buy it? What about the Dutch mortgage regulations? And, more importantly, who can help you and who can you trust? The answer to all of these questions is: the Expat Specialist!

Fast, carefree and smooth assistance

We are very happy to assist you from A to Z throughout the entire process of buying a home and arranging the mortgage. From the search for a suitable home to the transfer of title at the civil-law notary. You can count on us for complete financial assistance. We have contact on your behalf with estate agents, valuers, building inspectors, civil-law notaries, banks and insurance companies. And we keep you informed every step of the way.

Tailor-made solutions for you

The small specialist team of Expat Specialist offers you buying assistance, compares 30 mortgage providers, and can even take care of insurance policies. All under one roof. We have 15 years of experience, not only in the field, but also as an expat. Our key words are personal, reliable, and fast, and we provide a full-service solution, which means you can be assured of the perfect solution that fits your individual needs. All that you need to do is enjoy your dream home. Now and in the future.

” Always deliver more than expected. “
Larry Page, Co-Founder Google

How does the process work from start to finish?

  • 1.    Make an appointment

    Make an appointment to find out about your mortgage options (maximum loan amount) and all the different types of mortgage loans and interest rates).

  • 2.    Search for the right property

  • 3.    Make an offer for and buy the property

  • 4.    Start the mortgage application process

  • 5.    Arrange the insurance policies

  • 6.    Become a property owner

    Become a property owner on the date of transfer at the civil-law notary’s office.

  • 7.    Arrange the taxes


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